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Some Research Projects

  • Simulation of particle separation in microchannels by Deterministic lateral displacement method (DLD)
  • Simulation of fluid motion due to wettability and capillary force in a micropump for microfluidics devices
  • Acoustic radiation force on biological cells during acoustophoresis in microfluidics
  • Acoustic separation of circulating tumor cells (CTCs)) in microfluidics
  • Fluid flow and heat transfer in a microchannel under the effect of electric and magnetic fields
  • Hybrid tumor modeling with continuum-based tumor cell growth simulation
  • Pulsatile blood flow in stenosed artery and bifurcation
  • Numerical simulation of convection heat transfer of nonhomogeneous nanofluid with Brownian motion and thermophoresis phenomenon
  • Numerical simulation of natural, mixed, and forced convection in microchannels under the effect of a magnetic field
  • Experimental and numerical analysis of convective heat transfer of water-based nanofluid containing carbon nanotubes under a magnetic field
  • Numerical study on slip flow heat transfer in micro-Poiseuille flow using perturbation expansions, considering surface roughness and viscous dissipation effects
  • Jet wiping process and edge-over coating in continuous hot-dip galvanizing
  • Numerical solution of wave instabilities in the galvanizing process
  • Microfluidic methods for generating continuous droplet streams
  • Design and construction of an industrial air humidifier

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